2007 marks another artistic turning point the allows to produce a true show ending the Christmas tour 2007. The rpertoire gets more and more complex as if it was a music train going from spirituals to pop songs to contemporary gospel songs, through 70s' music.

Among the numerous concerts, we remember most the ones in churches:
- Stra (Ve)
- Carmignano (Pd)
- Taggì (Pd)
- San Giacomo dall'Orio(Ve)

- Concerto di Natale, Teatro Filarmonico di Verona.
From Vatican in Aula Nervi, to Grimaldi Forum in Montecarlo, and now to Teatro Filarmonico in Verona, Summertime are know travelling around Europe to bring their music, not only Christmas songs though, but also to perform with superstars like Micheal Bolton, Mario Biondi, Lionel Richie and so on, altogether with M° Renato Serio's orchestra. Christmas concert has aired on Christmas Eve on national tv Rai2 and, on satellite, worldwide.

- GranGala at Palanet in Padova
From Gazzettino di Padova: "A crowded Palanet welcomed, on 21st of December, the Christmas show the brought to the stage Summertime Choir, Silver Symphony Orchestra together with Padovadanza dance crew and Etn & Mighty Power dance crew. Special guest Onita Boone, famous gospel and soul singer, main actress in Broadway shows, together with american preacher Will Robertson and opera soprano Stefania Miotto. 4000 people in the audience were listening, involved and moved, at Summertime's music, hit in the heart with a shivering emotion".

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