Associazione Amici di Selene - (Selene's Friends association)

"Selene's friends" Association was founded in 2005 from some of Selene's friends to remember her after she passed away in a car accident. Selene worked in the S. Girolamo's Parish as children religious and community teacher.

Her friends' purpose was to ask parishioners a charity gift donation to help needy children. Since 2005 parishioners' generous help enables the Association to pay "S. Giuseppe" and "Natività" nursery school to all S. Girolamo's Parish children who cannot afford it. Its charity work is still carrying on discreetly and silently but nevertheless thanks to it, all helped families had the opportunity to enter the work force and make children feeling not lower than others.

During these years the Association has been included in the municipal register of Padua thanks to all concerts, theatrical performances and sport tournaments which were successful with many partecipating people.


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