The train of energy

Drawing on the source of gospel music, Summertime began their journey into the world of music in 1991 in Padua (Italy). A journey that led the Summertime Choir to perform in numerous concerts and prestigious live participations alongside artists of international caliber including the worldwide exhibition at the Christmas Concerts in the Vatican, in the Aula Nervi, together with Dionne Warwick, Ron, Laura Pausini, Lionel Richie, and many others, as well as participation in the Ice Christmas Gala on Canale 5 and the opening of Italia’s Got Talent.

The Summertime family also includes talents from all generations: Summertime Kids & Project for children and teenagers, Summertime Lab for children who undertake a training course to access the main choir (Summertime Choir), and the Angels choir, for the over 40s.

The Summertime association has been present in the area for over 30 years, constantly looking for musical talents to give them the possibility of training, experience, sharing and performance at high professional levels, all non-profit and intended as a moment of cultural, artistic and personal growth for young people from Veneto and beyond.

Summertime choir

A solid foundation on contemporary gospel, new ideas and original songs with a Christian rock flavor, strong influences from soul and funky music, an unstoppable approach to the prominent pop songs of the last thirty years, a unique and very personal stage interpretation: these are the ingredients that transform every Summertime concert into a journey of overwhelming energy.

The live dimension is transformed into a show, much more than a concert, guaranteeing an enthralling musical performance both in a large theater with a 40-piece orchestra, dance crew, preacher, international guests, and in the more intimate atmosphere of a church.

The choir is made up of 45 singers and 5 musicians (drums, keyboards, bass, guitar, saxophone), and is directed by Walter Ferrulli, who is also the creator and director of the shows.


The Summertime youth choir was born in September 2004 and is made up of two groups of children and teenagers: the Summertime Kids from 7 to 11 years-old, the Summertime Project from 12 to 15 years-old.

This choir has the purpose not only to educate the youngest to vocal music, to discover different musical genres, but above all it wants to be an opportunity for artistic and personal growth within a group, in sharing music. For this reason, each concert also becomes an opportunity to give voice to important charity initiatives, which the group tries to support in this way: it has in fact sung in numerous events organized by NGOs such as AISMME, Il Sogno di Stefano, AVO, IOV, The Christmas Way, Miriam Project of the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, Telefono Azzurro, FIDAS, Territorial Center for the Fight against AIDS, A hug for Alzheimer’s, The city of hope, Coopi.

The choir sang in events such as the first edition of the Gospel Junior Festival in Varese, the Christmas Gospel Show at the Verdi Theater in Padua, the Epiphany concert in the Basilica of Sant’Antonio in Padua, accompanied by the Silver Symphony Orchestra, in the XII edition of the International Music Meeting in collaboration with the Veneto Youth Orchestra and performed at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

The Summertime Kids & Project mainly offer songs taken from the spiritual and gospel repertoire, but also range in the profane genre known to children, such as that of the soundtracks of cartoons, films and musicals and in traditional songs of European, African, South American music.



Summertime Lab is a gospel choir of young talents between the ages of 15 and 20, where children can learn singing and vocal techniques, stage presence and interpretation.

Summertime Lab is designed for kids as a real training course to access the main choir (Summertime Choir).


Summertime Angels is a choir dedicated to amateur singers over 40. The rehearsals are divided into different types of training: theory and vocal hygiene, chorality, study of texts, harmony, without forgetting a good dose of laughter and lightheartedness: a moment of sharing a great passion!